How to Make Your Makeup Last (Especially If You Have Oily Skin)

Applying makeup on oily skin can be a real challenge, from constantly dealing with midday shine to finding the right makeup formula that actually stays put. “Most oily skin types face shorter wear time with certain products, specifically foundation, eye shadow and blush,” explains Anna De La Cruz, director of brand development for Glo Skin Beauty, licensed esthetician and self proclaimed product junkie. “This is why it’s imperative to choose the right product depending on your skin’s specific needs. If not, you deal with the ramifications of an unflattering oily shine throughout the day and formula separation, which can accentuate fine lines and pores.”

While finding the right makeup that will work well with your overactive sebaceous glands is half the battle, De La Cruz says the other part of the equation involves keeping your skin clean, healthy and well-moisturized. “Key product descriptors to look for when on the hunt for makeup products that work well with oilier skin types are: oil-absorbing, mattifying, oil-free and long-wear. Also, by assuring skin is properly prepped, eyeshadow and face makeup will last longer, help control oily, unwanted shine and take a makeup look to the next level.”

1. Skip the foundation for midday touchups.
A common mistake people make when applying makeup onto oily skin relates to the midday touchup process. Often, they apply either a pigmented pressed powder or foundation. This constant layering just leads to an unnatural, cakey and often muddy appearance to the skin. Instead, try a translucent oil-absorbing powder or blotting paper to soak up excess oil. By using these products specifically designed for oil absorption, foundation and color will not be disturbed during the touchup process.

2. Exfoliate at least three times a week.
Using the right skin care products prior to makeup application is crucial! Oily skin clients should be on the lookout for lightweight and oil-controlling formulas and ingredients that will purify and mattify without stripping or irritating the skin. Some top choices are: tea tree, salicylic acid, clays (such as kaolin or bentonite) and sulfur. Another expert tip: exfoliating three to five times per week will aid in your makeup longevity and appearance. By gently sloughing away dull surface cells (which makeup products tend to attach to, impeding even distribution), your skin will be more uniform and smooth—the ideal canvas for makeup application.

3. Don’t forget to hydrate, even if you have oily skin.
Often oily skin clients will avoid moisturizer, which is a huge mistake! Conditioning and hydrating your skin allow for a smooth and even makeup application, making it look more natural and radiant. All skin types need daily hydration, but for oilier skin types, look for an ultra lightweight moisturizer that will help balance skin’s natural moisture content without weighing it down. A key ingredient for weightless hydration is hyaluronic acid, a humectant that binds water to skin and helps prevent transepidermal water loss. It’s estimated that 75% of the population suffers from dehydrated skin, meaning it’s lacking water, not oil, making hyaluronic acid a must-have hydrator for everyone, including oily skin!

4. Foundation primer is a must…
Priming is an often overlooked step but has great impact on the look and wear of makeup. Here at Glo Skin Beauty, we’ve made priming more personalized with Signature Block Priming Technique. A Glo Skin Beauty Mattifying Primer is the go-to face primer for oilier skin types. This unique formula is a specialty primer, and is used to instantly de-shine, refine and target areas of excess oil production. It’s silky, oil-free and water-based, helping extend the wear of foundation for anyone prone to an oily shine. Oil-absorbing kaolin clay is combined with line-filling silicone to perfect the skin’s appearance for a smooth, mattified finish. It can also be used for spot-treating an oily shine and for midday touchups.

5. …So is an eye shadow primer.
A quality eye shadow primer is key for a long-lasting eye look. Glo Skin Beauty Shadow Primer is the perfect eyelid prep for oily lids. This lightweight, silky formula glides on for crease-free, smudge-proof staying power while intensifying eye shadow color. The combination of flexible, binding emollients creates a smooth, even canvas that acts as adhesive for eyeshadow to prevent fallout and creasing while intensifying pigment.

6. When it comes to foundation, choose a satin or matte finish.
Liquid or powder-based foundations that provide a satin-to-matte finish work well with oily-skin types. Top-selling and award-winning Glo Skin Beauty Pressed Base Powder Foundation delivers unsurpassed coverage that nourishes, corrects and protects. It provides buildable, sheer-to-full coverage with a flawless, semi-matte finish. Pressed Base is suitable for all skin types and is available in a multitude of shade options.

7. Set cream blush with a powder blush.
Color tends to fade faster on oily skin, so here’s an expert tip to ensure wearability: layer products in natural ways. Usually cream is a word oiler skin types tend to avoid. Here at Glo Skin Beauty, we have formulated beautifully pigmented Cream Blush to suit all skin types, including oily, by offering a long-lasting flush of color with the help of kaolin clay. Apply Cream Blush to the apples of cheeks and then top with a similar shaded color of powder blush to set for all-day wear.

8. And finally, don’t forget to set your makeup.
Setting makeup as well as touching up midday are important application steps for all skin types and is highly recommended for anyone prone to an oily shine. A finishing powder sets makeup after prime, base and conceal steps are complete. Finishing and setting powders combat and eliminate shine while extending the wearability of makeup.