The Hottest Makeup Trends for 2019, According to Celebrity Makeup Artists

No matter how loyal you are to the beauty products that have boosted your ego for decades, every makeup lover can’t wait to dabble in the latest and greatest. Maybe you turn to makeup to cover up imperfections, like acne or discoloration, or you only use it for special occasions. Whatever the reason, each lap around the sun presents a new gaggle of trends that challenge us to switch up our looks. In 2019, runways, entertainment, influencers and plenty of other factors all contribute to makeup trends. From bold colors to everything that glitters, here’s what you’ll see making its way through Instagram in the months ahead.

1. Bold rainbow lip colors.
Lip color has always been the favorite subject of trends every season, but according to makeup artist Mary Irwin, this year it will go super bold and bright—and not just in the traditional hues like red or fuchsia, but yellow and blue, too. In fact, Irwin shares as that long as it’s bright and bold, it’s trendy. “From the dramatic red lip at Escada to the glossy black lip at The Blondes and the hot-pink lip at Nicopanda, a statement lip is definitely the look for spring,” she continues.

If you’re going to try and pull off this look yourself, she says to shoot for a balanced look. A bold color is fun and alluring, but it matches best with a minimal face getup. For a formula that stays put 24/7, she suggests Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks. “They truly do stay all day, and you can use the doe-foot applicator for a really smooth edge on your lip,” she raves. “I’ve put them on models in the early morning and not touched up until after lunch—and sometimes not even after that!”

2. Lots of glitter.
Go ahead and prep your carpets, because glitter is about to bomb all over your home. Los Angeles celebrity makeup artist Erin B. Guth says glitter will be featured throughout many products, as predicted by how it was used on the runways. “It was seen in various forms on the runways at fashion week in New York, London, Milan and Paris. And with the burgeoning popularity of music festivals, people will be looking for ways to add whimsy and flair to their makeup looks,” she explains.

If you want to wear glitter makeup like a grownup, the best (and easiest) place to begin is with your eyeshadow. Guth recommends Stila’s Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow because the long-wearing formula eliminates the need for glitter glue and it’s available in a slew of no-filter-needed colors. “Simply swipe a coat across your lid and blend it out with your finger. For more pop, apply some to the inner corners of your eyes, as well. It couldn’t be easier to add some sparkle and style to your appearance,” she explains.

3. Glassy, clean skin.
The luminous “glass skin” look isn’t going anywhere, but it’s getting a deeper investment in 2019. As Ami Mallon, the global corporate educator for Osmosis Skincare explains, gone are the days of full-coverage makeup. Instead, more and more consumers and brands are focusing on chasing after beauty from the inside out. This means taking care of our pores and watching our diets, and then letting minimal makeup touch up the rest. “From runways to office doorways, what we are seeing now are glowy, glossy and light applications of cosmetics,” she explains.

To achieve this easy trend, she recommends utilizing light layers of light-to-medium-coverage products with a synthetic brush, as this will make cream products easier to sheer out. “It also ensures that a hint of the natural skin shows through. Simply layer the product on and remember to blend, blend, blend!” she instructs.

4. The demise of eyeliner.
If you have been in a serious, committed relationship with your eyeliner since you started wearing makeup in high school, it’s time to prepare your breakup speech. Beauty editor Naowshaba Ferdouse says piggybacking off the trend of a natural look will be the demise of eyeliner. “We won’t be seeing much harsh, razor-sharp black liquid eyeliner lining lids in the coming year either. While it works for some looks, it’s generally time-consuming and calls for more drama than most looks require,” she explains.

It will take some getting used to if you’ve always used an eyeliner on your top and bottom lash lines, but Ferdouse urges beauty lovers to give this trend a go—or at least tone down the lines. “Instead of grabbing black liquid liner for a cat-eye, opt for the most complementary dark shade in your palette, like brown, copper or dark blue, and line your upper lash line with that, or skip lining all together and plump up your lashes instead,” she instructs.

For a killer mascara she swears by, consider Tarte’s Lash Paint Mascara to coat every last lash and add length and volume.

5. A softer smokey eye.
A smokey eye is a timeless look many women turn to for special occasions, but now, it might have a spot in everyday routines. As celebrity makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez shares, 2019 will see the birth of the warm-toned-eyeshadow look. He notes that it’s not only universally flattering and more demure, but it’s a modern take on a classic. “This look can also be very easily achieved with a soft, blendable brown eye pencil combined with a shade or two of warm eyeshadows such as a subtle gold, brown and so on,” he notes.

To try it, he says to start by blending the brown eye pencil on the top and bottom lash lines, emphasizing the outer corners. He’s a fan of Cargo’s Swimmable Eye Pencil in Pebble Beach, thanks to the rich pigments that define and blend softly for a waterproof finish. Then, he says to use Tarte’s Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette in Toasted for a beautiful selection of warm shades in matte and metallic finishes that are perfect year round. “Blend each shade from lightest to darkest over the liner to create a soft, diffused look, and if you desire more intensity, reapply the liner at the end as well as perhaps inside the waterline,” he continues. Finally, to complete this look, use a brown mascara, such as Blinc’s Mascara in Dark Brown for rich color and easy removal.